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When John Burnett organized the first maker meetings, many of us were hearing about the maker movement for the first time.  Meetings were organized around a maker who was willing to present on one of their projects.   It was easy to get excited about what others were making, and we learned from one another adding skills and techniques to our own maker tool box. Often, the limiting factor of what was possible was access to tools.  We all had an origin story of our love for making that traced back to our youth. Some also, a renewed appreciation for making because of more recent physical challenges.  At the time, it seemed obvious that our community needed a makerspace that would be a center to share, and inspire creativity and innovation.     


Fast forward five years:   CVM has received major support from the McElroy Foundation, Black Hawk Gaming, the Leighty Foundation, as well as support from area business and individual donors. Volunteers have donated time and a lot of effort, leveraging every dime and turning it into at least twice its value.  Combined with maker members willing to mentor and answer questions, we now have the space, the equipment, and the knowledge base to facilitate making almost anything.


Our Fab Lab is available to community and educational groups, and students for free.  E-mail to schedule resources and get the approved access, plan a field trip for your school, or ask about introductory series maker workshops.

Subscription Members and donations make our Mission possible by helping keep the doors open and the lights on.

Our Mission:  To promote collaborative learning, creative design and manufacturing for people of all ages and skill levels.  We provide education by giving access to tools, machines and training inside our makerspace and by promoting and planning educational events that can forward scientific thinking, learning and entrepreneurial spirit for all members of our community. 

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