Meet the Team

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CVM Development Manager

Todd comes to us from Kirkwood Community college after 34 years working in public education .   Todd's experience  leading teams to identifying community needs towards creating affordable, accessible, quality training and degree programs, will be leveraged as we continue to grow Cedar Valley Makers as an incredible community resource.

CVM Program Coordinator

Nathan grew up making and we are lucky to have him coordinating programs and developing the digital capabilities and content for the space, while he takes a gap semester from Grinnel College.

CVM Industrial Tech

Mohammed is a recent graduate of the Electrical Engineering Technology program at UNI.  He comes to us with initiative, skill and a passion for making.  He has been a great resource on shop automation projects, and ideas on how to make CVM a better resource for the community.

Board of Directors

CVM President

James Dietrich is an assistant professor of geography at UNI and has been a member of the makerspace since 2017. James enjoys making things for his environmental research and also just for fun. James has a wide range of experience and interest with Python programming, electronics, 3D printing, as well as wood and metalworking. 

CVM Vice President

Jesse VanEngelenhoven is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA and works at John Deere Testing tractors.  Jesse volunteers coaching First Lego League teams and is a regular contributor to community projects at CVM and is always willing to share his expertise.  Jesse has aspirations of building an electric truck and has been busy prototyping batteries towards launching a battery company in 2020. 

CVM Treasurer

Michael Hoffman has a BS in Management and Finance and a Masters of Business Administration.  Work experience includes human resource management,  project management, and risk management.  Michael has a long list of maker projects and interests, which include programming, digital design, CNC, 3dprinting, woodworking, metal shop, and welding, and loves to help others create.

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Carol Tjaden - CVM Secretary

Carol Tjaden joined CVM after semi-retirement from over 30 years in Social Work and Addictions Counseling.  Having found the time and space to develop a passion for woodworking, Carol has been working through a pile of projects and building considerable skill. " When I was a young girl I loved working with tools and wood, but back in the day, was not allowed to take a shop class in school because I was a girl.  I’m so glad CVM is here with open arms to all.  Imagine the possibilities we could nurture in our young people!"

Pete Lilja -  Shop Manager

Pete Lilja is a retired Waterloo Firefighter, so brings safety and organizational skills to the makerspace.  A longtime maker of things. Pete's interests are varied and hobbies have been many: from high powered rockets and high altitude balloons to fly fishing the activities always have a component to making in them. He enjoys looking for a new skill to develop and something new to make.

Danny Rieger - Board Member

Dan Rieger joined the Cedar Valley Makers as an active member in 2016.  Since then, he has played an important role in upholding the mission of CVM.  Dan brings industry experience from his work at John Deere as a Manufacturing Engineer where he is responsible for relevant projects including assembly line layout planning, asset acquisition, and the implementation of drive train design changes.  Dan is a 2011 graduate from UNI with a BS in Manufacturing Technology with an emphasis in Design.

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Randall Fischer - Board Member

Randall joined the Cedar Valley Makers in 2019.   Randall graduated from UNI with his BS in Electrical Engineering Technology degree. He works as a Sr. Systems Engineer with Target where he uses his industrial controls and robotics experience to rapidly troubleshoot and restore material handling systems from breakdown events, leads initiatives and captures equipment data to optimize the performance and flow of the material handling systems. Randall has been a life long maker with many interests in robotics, machine vision, CNC machines, microcontrollers, electrical engineering, woodworking, composites manufacturing, and programming.