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Machine orientation is required before first use, and is available anytime as a refresher for free

Request on slack or via e-mail: 


Level II

Machine Orientation Required

Safety Glasses Required

CNC Router.jpg
CNC Router - Capable of routing 4' X 8' sheet

CVM has a VCARVE Pro Makerspace Edition available to our members.  Simply download VCARVE Pro Ver 11 and enter the above registration number.  You will then have access to all of the learning resources, be able to import tool libraries, and save design files and toolpaths.  The makerspace edition limits us to four licenses that can process gcode, which are all installed on computers in the makerspace.    Save your work to a thumb drive and it will only take minutes to process the file for use on the router.

Vectric Pro Maker Edition License -  Version 11


Fusion 360 is a popular CAD program available to students and hobby users for free.  It is better suited for designing 3D parts(CAD) for milling on the Tormach.  However, it can also be used to process(CAM) toolpaths for use on the CNC router as well

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