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Machine orientation is required before first use, and is available anytime as a refresher for free

Request on slack or via e-mail: 

Full Spectrum 90 Watt Laser
36 X 24 Professional Series

FULL Spectrum 
100 WATT CO2 Laser

Level I

Machine Orientation Required

You can request free access to this tool when working on projects with school age children

Know how to create a digital design file

What is gcode?

Making the cut.

Setting up your project for success


All members can request a free in person assistance.  The following documents and links are great reference and an be used alone if you are a self learner.

Manuafacturers resources and guides
Digital Design for laser projects
Inkscape - Free open source is a very popular web tool that allows you to quickly create a box or project enclosure file, which can then be opened in inkscape or another design program for further customization.

Raster Engraving
Image Prep             1:56 Video
Wood                   14:00 Video
Acrylic                  17:00 Video
Leather                21:20 Video
Stone                   23:45 Video
Glass                   27:00 Video
Ceramics          29:21 Video
Metals                30:21 Video
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