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Boss LS3655 Laser

Machine orientation is required before first use, and is available anytime as a refresher for free

Request on slack or via e-mail: 

BOSS Laser

Level II

Machine Orientation Required

48 X 36 with pass through

This tool was purchased thanks in part by BlackHawk Gaming.

You can request free access to this tool when working on projects with school age children

Know how to create a digital design file

What is gcode?

Making the cut.

Setting up your project for success


Get started by asking for free in person orientation.  The following documents are a great resource as you hone your skills.

Manuafacturers resources and guides

Operations manual includes intructions for Lightburn, which can be used to design simple projects and also works as the laser control interface

Digital Design for laser projects
Inkscape - Free open source
boxnoback.jpg is a very popular web tool that allows you to quickly create a box or project enclosure file, which can then be opened in inkscape or another design program for further customization.

Raster Engraving
Image Prep             1:56 Video
Wood                   14:00 Video
Acrylic                  17:00 Video
Leather                21:20 Video
Stone                   23:45 Video
Glass                   27:00 Video
Ceramics          29:21 Video
Metals                30:21 Video
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