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About System

The makerspace has a central dust collector for the woodworking.  IVAC sensors and relays provide automation, turning the system on and opening a gate when the connected woodworking machine is turned-on.

When the machine is powered off, the gate will close and the vac will turn off after 60 seconds.

Suck up only dry wood dust and chips, no chunks and no metal

Use absorbent material and dust pans for handling spills

Empty pre chip collector after every use of the planer

Remote Controls can be used to power up the vac system for  hand sander - hoses, and floor sweeps.  If a remote is used to turn on - the same remote must be used to turn off the system

Trouble Shooting

The system will not turn off after 60 seconds since the last machine was turned off, and the last button on a remote was pressed.

Hit the off buttons on both remotes

Check that the feed belt on the drum sander was turned all the way to off.

Red light is flashing indicating the main drum is full.

System must be powered down and the barrel dumped in the dumpster, or report the need on slack

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