The Cedar Valley Maker Fest is an event to promote a culture of creativity and lifelong skill development. Participants get the opportunity to show off personal projects and connect with fellow makers. This year, the Cedar Valley Maker Fest will be held virtually.

To participate, register below and create a video about your project. Once you have registered, you will receive an email detailing video submission and other resources you can use. You must be registered to have your video shared online, however, use of the Cedar Valley Makerspace is not a requirement for participation.

Important Dates

Students participating in the competition have a video submission deadline. Refer to the Youth Information Packet for more info.

Cedar Valley Makers will be accepting project video submissions - 1/01/2021

Maker Fest premieres on the Cedar Valley Makers YouTube Channel - 3/27/2021

Youth Competition

Young makers ages 9-18 can participate in a competition by submitting project videos. To be shown in the Maker Fest, videos must be submitted with a media release signed by a parent of guardian. Upon registering, you will receive an email with a video submission form.


The theme for projects in the 2020-2021 Maker Fest is Reuse. What kind of things can you re-purpose? Projects will be judged in one of the following categories:

  • STEM (Science Technology Engineering or Mathematics)

  • Art and Design

For more information on the competition including important dates, see the Youth Information Packet.

For more on judging, see the 2021 Judging Rubric.

Adult Makers

Help us with a show in support of your passion. We have the tools, space, and expertise to assist with video and editing.


Become a community member for free and share your creations. Consider becoming a subscription member in support of our mission and a well-equipped makerspace.

Video Submissions

Video submissions will make up the backbone of the 2021 Maker Fest. We need thinkers, doers, and creators to send video content about projects for this event to be a success. Video guidelines for adult makers only require the submission to relate to making in some way, and not exceed 5 gb in size.

For youth makers participating in the competition, the guidelines for video can be found in the youth information packet. Below is a video you can use as an example when creating your own. The Cedar Valley Makers can help with resources for video production!

For any Maker Fest related Questions, contact nate@cedarvalleymakers.org