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The Plasma CNC is a level III tool and requires a clearance check before gaining access the Weld shop.   email:
Plasma CNC
24 X 24

Know how to create a digital design file

What is gcode?

Making the cut.

Setting up your project for success

Free access  for projects benefitting community organizations and students working on educational projects.  Email requests to:

All members can request a free in person assistance.  The following documents and links are great reference and should be used before requesting a machine level orientation.


Link to users Feeds and speeds material chart.  If you have had good results with other settings, let us know and we will add them to the chart.

Steps:  1)  Create a design and gcode for the design.

             2)  Watch and read documentation links(above)

             3)  e-mail to request a                        machine level orientation and weld shop clearance.

Resources and guides
VCarve Pro Crossfire CNC tutorial.  If you are not familiar with Fusion 360 and generating  gcode, vcarve will be an easier alternative.  We programmed a post processor to get Vcarve to work with the Crossfire
VCARVE Pro - Download -

CVM has a VCARVE Pro Makerspace Edition available to our members.  Simply download VCARVE Pro and enter the above registration number.  You will then have access to all of the learning resources, be able to import tool libraries, and save design files and toolpaths.    Save your work to a thumb drive and it will only take minutes to process the file for use on the CNC Plasma.  Important:  You will not be able to render the gcode, except on the full licensed software available at the Makerspace.

Vectric Pro Maker Edition License - 

Making creative 3d printed forms used for sheet bends.

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