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The sewing /Textiles area is located in the Fab Lab.  CVM has invested in heavy duty machines not typically found at homes.  Ask for a free demo to ensure a trouble free experience with your first project.
It is always helpful to understand how it works.
That is especially true with sewing machines.

Sewing demystified


Level I

Machine Orientations Available

Sailrite Fabricator Delux
Watch the Demo video for what's this machine and what can I do with it,
The fabricator is a great heavy duty straight stitch machine for leather, canvas, and other tick and lightweight materials.  Sailrite provides great support including material and needle guides for their machines.
Very good video on machine use.  Watch it, use the quick start guide as backup, and free assistance from a CVM volunteer
Consew 199R-1A  Zig Zag
The consew is also a heavy duty industrial machine that can sew through thick tough materials, but also has the ability to sew a zigzag stitch
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