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Sharp tools are safer tools, and also yield far better results with less effort. 

Use when an aggressive grind is needed to to establish new profiles and angles
when refurbishing old tools, or making new tools.  Use caution on your own blades, since a lot of material can be removed fast.  Use jigs and fixtures to ensure an appropriate angle and grind.  CVM chisels or plane blades are kept in a condition that the knife grinder is not needed.

Diamond Stones

image_50416129 (1).JPG

CVM has four diamond stones:

  • Coarse

  • Medium

  • Fine

  • Ultra Fine
    Use Auto-glass cleaner as the cutting fluid/lubricant

CVM Quick bevel Guide:

  • Chisels - 25 degree bevel

  • Plane blades  35 or 30 degree bevel depending on plane

Clean-up - Stones can get filled with fillings and can be flushed out at the sink using a nylon brush. 

Veritas Honing guide

Use a honing guide set to the appropriate tool angle

Maintaining with the strop

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