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Usefull Maker Software

VCARVE Pro Makerspace Edition - A vector drawing program, that also post processes tool paths into gcode, which is most commonly used for the CNC router at the makerspace.  Excellent because it is relatively simple and includes great online tutorial.  Download to your home computer and practice with the tutorials.  See CNC

Inkscape   - A vector drawing program like Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw.  It is open source, so free to download.  It is also well supported with on line learning resources and is the most popular software for use with the laser and the eggbot at CVM.

Adobe Creative Cloud - The makerspace has the complete adobe cloud apps licensed.    The industry standard for graphic design, photo editing, and other creative design applications.


TinkerCad   - A great beginner CAD and maker suite of products, which includes electronics design, code blocks and 3D design.  It can help you design a first file for 3D printing, and can take you from simple designs to fairly complex.  Sign -in is the same for other cloud based Autodesk products, so when you are ready you can start using their more advanced CAD/CAM design software, Fusion 360

Fusion 360   - Free for personal use and education Fusion 360 is a full featured CAD/CAM product.  Harder to learn, but definitely worth it if you have prototypes floating in your head.  There are excellent free learning resources available.  If you have struggled learning Fusion or are new to CAD but want to skip TinkerCad , try Top Tech Boy's Fusion 360 series.  It won't make you an expert but in ~ 13 hours, you will have a very useful skill.

If you use software that is indispensable to you Maker creations, let us know about it e-mail:

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