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Circuit Playground Express

We have CPX kits available to check out.  Free for both subscription and community members:  e-mail
We recommend and support them as one of the best learning/prototype boards that are good for all ages and skill levels
For small group workshops, or online support e-mail -
MakeCode  - Web Based Code editor
Circuit Python for CPX - Firmware
                           MU Software(IDE)- code editor-
Arduino -  Based on C++
                        Arduino Software (IDE)
Just plug in a USB  between the CPX  and your computer.  Press the reset button on the CPX.  The board turns green signifying bootloader mode.  Drag makecode program, or other programming firmware to the CPX CLAYBOOT drive
First Experiences
Downloading the program, creates a new firmware integrated program, installed in bootloader mode
Create program in makecode-Reset CPX into Bootloader - Drag download to Clayboot drive
Next Steps
The CPX works with both Circuit Python, and Arduino, which are based on Python and C programming languages with micro-controller support. 
Once you are familiar with the CPX, you will be able to use what you have learned with other micro-processors that may be more suited to a specific project.
Arduino IDE
Arduino on CPX
Circuit Python
Circuit Python Firmware Update
MU Software(IDE)
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