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Make a Hot Potato Game

with a


Sound Sensor

Battery Connector

Circuit Playground Express

CVM has CPX kits available to check out for free to subscription and community members
For more information on board options and our quick reference links.

To check out a board, or for support:
In this project, we will  step you through writing your first code using Adafruits CPX MakeCode.
Step 1 - Define the basic features of the game - Using the circuit play ground express, we want to automate the job of the timer to randomly decide when the potato, gets too hot, explodes, or whatever the potato does that ends the round.
-Ex- You will need one of the push buttons to start play
Step 2 - Code it - Realize your HotPotato Game making dreams!!

Simulation right - press left button A

Step 3 - Test it - Does it work as expected?  If not go back to Step 2
Step 4 - Consider CPX features that might further enhance the user experience... How can we make this game better??
-Can the lights and speaker be better used to enhance play?
can the other button, accelerator or other inputs be used to change player interaction?
Maybe change the rules to HotPotato, and code some new exciting EXTREME version.  Your game.... Your rules!!
Step 5 - Unplug, connect a battery, let's play!!
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